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What is involved in posing for Fotobodyart?

Because I regularly get questions from people who want to pose, I explain here how to pose for my art and I also explain what my starting points are when making my art.

Who can become a model?

Kunstwerk Toekomst

In principle, anyone can become a model at Fotobodyart, I like to work with people the way you meet them every day, so for example young, old fat, thin.

And like almost everywhere there is also one here, but I am not looking for models that have "perfected" themselves with large tattoos or through plastic surgery (this does not include necessary plastic surgery).

For me it is important that I like what I make, that it makes me happy, and with "perfected" bodies I have trouble with that, sorry.

Posing, how does that work?

In my art I want to show more of the model than just the outside, so it is important for me that we (before I start photographing) first have a conversation where we get to know each other a little better.

Then I make a number of total shots of the model and also some detail shots of the body of the model. I will use these details later, enlarged and colored as the foreground and background of the artwork.

Most models had never posed (nude) before and then being exposed for the camera is a big step .. This, together with the fact that I can travel by train for free, was a reason to make the recordings in the familiar home environment for the model.

What happens after the photo shoot?

Kunstwerk Nieuwe Start

After the photo shoot I will turn the photos into works of art (my collages of the naked body), this can take a while ...

When I have finished making the artworks I make another appointment with the model where I show what I have made.
Note: For models outside the Netherlands, it is possible that I do not come by again but show what I have made by e-mail.

I would like to hear what the model thinks of the artworks and the model can then choose a work of art which I then send to her / him.

And then?

After that I like to hear from a model what reactions he / she has had. Models also posed afterwards (sometimes years later).

And how to proceed?

If you have any questions or you want to sign up you can use the Contact form


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