My Youth, drawing, sketching and technology

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Hello, I am Jaap and on this page I tell more about myself, about what I find important (which has a lot of influence on the art I make) and how I make my art
Very early on creativity was the basis for my hobbies, so during my primary school years I was busy with sketching and drawing.
When I then went to the technical school, other hobbies replaced them, but creativity also played an important role.

And then I discovered photography, the airbrush and the computer

Nevertheless, in the course of time alongside the other hobbies, graphic work also emerged.
In 1979 I started combining my hobby of photography with the airbrush and with cutting and pasting.
I started to make collages of photos, this by combining photos of a bare body with a detail photo of a bush or tree.
I greatly enlarged the photo of the bush or tree, after which I colored it with the airbrush to use it later as a background.
With a scalpel knife I cut the body out of the photo on which, among other things, the bare body stood, then I stuck this in the background.
Finally I made a color copy of the whole (which sometimes produced very surprising effects with the 1979 color copiers).

At a certain point I started using parts of the body of the model for the background instead of a bush. Just like with the bush, I enlarged these parts so that they were usually no longer recognizable as a body part.
If you go to the examples you can see in the artwork Grot for example that I am in my own ear.

The computer itself was already one of my hobbies for a long time and at some point I started to combine both hobbies.
Now I no longer work with Airbrush and scalpel, but with the computer, which has given many new and beautiful possibilities.

Astonishment, an invitation to exhibit.

Foto4 expositie Artishock
In 1999 it turned out that I wasn't the only one who liked what I made. To my surprise, this was the reason for an exhibition. This was followed by an article in the journal Naturisme.
Following the article in Naturism, I received a number of reactions from people who liked my art and wanted to pose for me.
This gave me the opportunity to further develop myself as an artist, although it took some getting used to photographing models (I was often more nervous than the model).
For almost all models it was the first time that they posed and then still exposed, luckily all my models are very nice people who had a lot of patience with me for which my heartfelt thanks !!!!

People are very important to me

Kunstwerk Leven Fotobodyart
This fits with the principles of Naturism, respect for people and nature!
It is wonderful to see that there is much more (and more importantly) than the appearance.
I work with naked people because I have experienced from naturism that if we omit all covering and distorting clothing, decorations and the like, the real and almost always much nicer person comes forward.
Like you in the examples of my art, I would like to work with all sorts of "real" people, so fat, thin, old, young, and so on, the way they meet them every day.
For example, my second model was an older woman, I was very happy about this, her body told a whole story of more than 80 years. This showed that in addition to a young body with the beauty of youth, an old body is also so beautiful and interesting.
Because I am interested in people and because I try to show more of the model in my work than just the outside, I always have a conversation with the model before we start a photo session.

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