Photo art with photos of the beautiful nude body.

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Can you also appreciate beautiful naked photo art?

Photos of the beautiful nude body are the basis for my photo art. For the foreground, and also for the background, I use detailed photos of the naked body, which is also the subject of the artwork. I greatly enlarge these detail photos of the naked body, after which I make a detail of what I colorize. I used to use the airbrush for colouring, but now Adobe offers a lot of possibilities and now I use this program for colouring.

This creates unique artworks in an exclusive style that show how beautiful nude can be.

You can find more about me and about my Fotobodyart photo collages in the Information page and of course you can always call or email me if you have any questions.

Naturism, naked makes vulnerable and requires respect.

My background is in naturism and that is why respect for people and nature is very important to me and self-evident. From this background I also look at the appearance of people in a my way. For me it is important that someone is real and has not taken (unnecessary) risks with his / her body to “perfect” it.

For me, a naturally naked body is always much nicer than an artificially embellished body. I enjoy working with models of all ages because a nude body is interesting and beautiful for me at any age. For example, a young nude body has the beauty of youth.   An older body will tell a whole story, so an older model is beautiful and can be an extra beautiful nude model in my own way for my photo art.

You do not hear me say that my body is beautiful but every surgical scar on my body tells about me and my life. Those scars belong to me and I hear whole stories about what I have experienced in my life.

If I want to sell my art (more) I have to work with professional models but I know that I will not be satisfied with what I make.

Photo bodyart, respect for the model!

If you look at examples of my photo art, you will see that respect for the model is the most important starting point for me

Branding -Fotobodyart kunstwerk

Before I start a Photoshoot I would like to get to know the model a bit better. This is primarily due to my interest in the person I will be working with during this photo session.

The conversation is important to me because (in my art) I try to show more of the model than just the beautiful, interesting exterior. If the model recognizes itself well in my art, the artwork has already succeeded to a large extent for me, I am not just thinking about the appearance.

Nude pose for Fotobodyart photo art

As you can see in my art, I don't work with paid models with so-called "perfect" bodies, but with people like you see them on the street every day, so thin, fat, big, small, young and old, etc. This change is probably also the reason why it is difficult to find models for my art at the moment and this is partly the reason that young people do not apply.

Toekomst -Fotobodyart kunstwerk

Fortunately, I started my photo art at a time when nude was more accepted than at the moment.

Almost all models with which I have “worked” had never posed (naked) before. I am happy and grateful that she wanted to pose naked for me. Certainly in a time when bare again has become more and more a taboo, it is especially nice that she wanted to be so vulnerable.

Fantastic models, thank you very much!

The models that posed for my photo art have applied because they like my art.

Kunstwerk France

I am very grateful to them that they wanted to pose for me and that is why they were always allowed to choose a work of art (from the artworks I made of them).

Despite my naturalistic background, the photo sessions took some getting used to, so during the photo session the models were often less nervous than me. It was very nice for me to discover that they are very nice, kind and patient people, so I am very happy that many of them have become good friends.

It is a shame that naked art is sometimes reacted strangely.

It is a great pity that I had to incorporate a number of models into my artworks unrecognisable because the model could (get) problems when recognised by the employer, family or friends, etc.

Because of this I can only show the beautiful exterior and I cannot show the (also very interesting) personality in the way that I really wanted to do.

Do you also want a beautiful piece of art with you as a the model?

-If you want exclusive art of your own beautiful body and if you live outside of The Netherlands or Belgium, you can give an assignment, then we will discuss how I can make you a unique piece of art that really suits you


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